Why should I buy a remanufactured cartridge instead of a new?
You can save 30-60% off the cost of brand name and you are protecting the environment by keeping unwanted plastic and waste out of our landfills. Also, cartridges sold to you as new by some manufacturers are actually remanufactured as well. Look at the bottom or side of your box. Some say "Made in Japan from the highest quality new and recycled materials" while others state "this newly manufactured product may contain parts and materials recovered from the HP Planet Partners Recycling Program" or Canon's "This cartridge may contain reconditioned parts". You're probably paying too much for what is actually a "recycled" cartridge put back into fancy packaging.
I've heard some horror stories about recycled cartridges.
So have we! Those people are called drillers and fillers. They open the cartridge, fill it up and sell it. Drillers and fillers gave the remanufacturing industry a bad name and we are working hard to overcome that. Ask questions before you buy whether it be from us or any other remanufacturer.
What do you do that is different from a driller and filler?
All cartridges are thoroughly inspected, then taken apart and checked for any worn parts. If any are found, they are replaced. Each cartridge is then filled with high quality graphics toner and reassembled. Before each cartridge is packaged, it is then tested to make sure that it meets our high quality standards.
What kind of guarantee do you have?
Glad you asked that. Some manufacturers and remanufacturers only offer a short-term guarantee. We are so confident in our products that we guarantee them for the life of the cartridge .However if one of our cartridges fails, we will promptly replace it.
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